Winners of the 2014 Judges’ Awards

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1 min readNov 4, 2021

Written by PiE Team on April 27, 2014

Awards are given yearly at the end of Final Competition to recognize team accomplishments. “Judging this year is the hardest I’ve ever seen it,” Brian Harvey tells the crowd anticipating the Judges’ Awards this year. This says a lot, as he’s been a judge for PiE for four years. “It is a _pleasant_ thing that it’s is so hard to choose recipients,” he says, implying that this is an indication of the outstanding designs this year.

In fact, judging was so difficult that the judges found it necessary to do shout-outs to schools they felt exhibited excellence in each category, since there could only be one winner chosen. The list of recipients for the awards are listed below.

PiE Competition Judges’ Awards

Engineering Professionalism: Berkeley High

Mechanical Design: Nea

Software, Sensors, and Control: De Anza

Agilent Spirit Award: Alameda Community Learning Center

Judges’ Award: Albany



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